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Friday, 3 January 2014

The Devil is in the Detail

Right now you might be thinking that the last thing this world needs is another paranormal blog. We won't deny that you probably have a valid point. It seems that over the past decade, the paranormal has become an increasingly popular topic of interest, and the number of television, radio, and YouTube channels dedicated to so-called paranormal investigation and research has boomed. Through this, and with the rapid advancement of technology, you'd be forgiven for thinking that we would have all the answers by now - and that there is no need for another paranormal blog.
However, it seems that with each new gadget, or with every new piece of so-called evidence, more questions about the paranormal bubble to the surface.
We've heard the radio broadcasts, watched the television shows, and scoured the internet for videos, audio recordings, and photographic captures. We're all asking the same questions:
How is it possible?
What does it mean?
Is it real, or delusion, or both?
The problem with television, radio, and those online channels for sharing, is that in many cases it's all about popularity: A mad dash grab for fifteen minutes of fame. To keep people interested, to hold their attention and have them come back again and again for more; to get publicity and to sell merchandise, the locations and events need to become more extreme, and the evidence all the more convincing that there is, in fact, life after death. The truth is that a lot of what is out there is either seriously questionable, severely exaggerated, or outright fake.
There are far too many people out there willing to take advantage of the endless questions regarding the paranormal that the rest of us have. Don't get us wrong, there's probably a lot out there that is the real deal too, it's just a matter of having the time, energy and courage to sift through all the crap to find it. It's a matter of knowing what you are looking for; to having a mind that is open enough to consider all the possibilities, but not so open that your brain is about to fall out. Curiousity should be a motivator, but doubt your saviour.
What we do know for certain, is that you don't need to be a paranormal investigator to have a paranormal experience. You don't have to go on a ghost hunt to have an encounter with a ghost, nor be psychic to have a moment of extrasensory perception. Perhaps we've all been looking in the wrong place. Maybe the answers we seek are actually closer than we think.
We (the writers of Ghost & Girl) have had regular paranormal encounters since early childhood. However, we are well aware that not everything is paranormal - not everything can be pinned on a ghost - and it is through our respective experience that we are learning to tell the difference. Anyone can pick up a digital recorder or EMF detector and go on the hunt for a ghost, but not everyone has the ghosts come looking for them. We know there is no escaping it. Whilst it is not something that defines us per se, it has had an integral impact upon the people we've become, and our lives have, in some respects at least, been moulded, cut and carved out by these paranormal encounters that we neither went in search for, nor willingly brought upon ourselves.
Now we want to share these encounters and lessons in the paranormal with you, and in doing so hope that you will share yours in return. If you have experienced something similar to what we are writing about, please let us know. You can either leave a comment (viewable to the public), or flick us an email to ghostandgirl333(at)gmail(dot)com. The more we know, and the more detail we can obtain of each and every event experienced by people the world over, the better understanding we can have of what it is we are seeing, hearing and feeling.
All of which we will share with you, of course.

We'll also share some of our favourite paranormal resources, and take a closer look at some of those television shows, radio broadcasts, and videos we wrote about above. We may also review paranormal websites, books, and blogs.

But all of that can eventuate in time. For now, though, let us take you back to the very beginning, to where it all started, and tell you the stories of a ghost and girl...


Laura & Sarah  

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The Devil is in the Detail