JANUARY :: We share more of our favourite haunted locations, further frightening experiences, and some possible fascinating evidence of the paranormal.


Who is the ghost in Ghost & Girl?
There is not, nor was there ever, just one "ghost". There are, in fact, many ghosts - and even more spirits - that are the inspiration (and motivation) for this site.
Ghost & Girl is a paranormal blog that utilises personal experience as the basis for opinion and research into the paranormal.

What do we mean by "paranormal"?
For the purposes of this site, "paranormal" is used to refer to phenomena that may be an indication of either life after death, or of a spiritual realm. It is also used to refer to extrasensory phenomena such as ESP and PK.
It is not used to refer to extra-terrestrials or cryptozoology, subjects which are of no interest to your hosts for the purpose of this site.
What do we mean when we use the word "ghost"?

We are of the opinion that a ghost is the spiritual energy of a deceased human being or animal.
What do we mean when we use the word "spirit"?
We use this word when we wish to encompass all spiritual energy, not just that of ghosts. We may use this word when referring to malevolent entities and/or non-human, non-animal spirits. We may also use this word when referring to spiritual guides.
Any questions?